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Balthazar Electriks is an independent family-owned company with local leadership in the business-to-business distribution of electrical, industrial and safety products and related solutions. Balthazar Electriks is a wholesale distributor of electrical, electronic, voice, video and data-comm equipment and supplies and a proud member of the New Orleans Community since 1994.

Founded and operated by experienced businesswomen and sisters, Carol and Tina Balthazar, Balthazar Electriks is highly competitive in a non-traditional industry for minority entrepreneurs. 25 years of steady, sustained growth; positioned for public and private sector customer expansion beyond the Southern Region.

Balthazar Electriks, throughout its growth and development, has sought to carefully target and develop our customer base and carve out our niche. Our goal is to build a strong foundation and earn our positioning in this very competitive industry while developing capacity.

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